Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Cheesehead for Pork

There are plenty of reasons not to like Rep. David Obey (D-WI). However an article in the recent U.S. News and World Report by Silla Burth, shows the galling level of contempt that Obey has for those of us particularly concerned about pork-barrel spending and taxpayers in general. "His homestate newspaper said he had gone from hero to villain in six months.
"Earding to the article marking is hardly new, but over the past few years, the practice of Washington lawmakers quietly tucking billions of dollars for their pet projects into spending bills has become a political cause célèbre. Democrat Rep. David Obey, a longtime reformer, tried for years to cut the influence of earmarks. But after the Dems took the House last fall, Obey took over the House Appropriations Committee, and he's now the one feeling the heat."

Rep. Obey has been in the House for 38 years and since regaining control, the Democrats have forgotten about their pledges of good governance and listening to the American people. Well certainly Obey has. "He dismisses earmark stories as little league and his opponents' tactics as silly young politics." He further opines that "Earmarking is a tiny little aspect of what happens." Of the $20 billion in additional spending, Obey describes it as "this little difference we have in discretionary spending."

$29 Billion in earmarks is LITTLE LEAGUE??? A $20 billion difference in discretionary spending is LITTLE? I am sorry Rep. Obey but they are not. While I am grateful to be part of a league, even a little one, and practicing "silly young politics" (Oh, to be young again) your obvious contempt for me and millions of taxpayers shows that in fact that it is you who are playing out of your league.

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