Thursday, June 21, 2007


Welcome to Azamatteroprinciple. It is a new site in collaboration with AZAMATTEROFACT but is solely dedicated to eliminating congressional earmarks and wasteful spending by providing information and resources to the public to help them keep informed about "Earmarks", "Government Spending", "Related Legislation" and "News Reports and Blogs/Web Resources". There are already great sites and organizations such as PORKBUSTERS, OMB WATCH, CITIZENS AGAINST GOVERNMENT WASTE, THE SUNLIGHT FOUNDATION and others which are accessible from the right sidebar who have long been LEADERS IN THE FIGHT.


The aim of AZAMATTEROPRINCIPLE is to be a site that combines and hopefully strengthens these efforts by bringing information together, private and government research resources, as well as relevant research and news sources. (See STATEMENT OF PURPOSE.)

"Spending on the troops at a time of war, no problem. But $1.5 million to a liquor store in Los Angeles? Or $1.4 million to a car wash in Anaheim, Calif.? How about $1.1 million to a pizza shop, $1.5 million to a wine institute, and $227,000 to a strawberry commission?"

No. They don’t make sense to me either.

First I suggest that visitors go to Porkbusters.org and sign up for their effort to help Rep. David Obey (D-WI) Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee get through the 30,000+ existing earmark requests.

I would also encourage visitors to go to LLRX.com “Law and Technology Resources for Legal Professionals” which, in spite of the name contains a treasure trove of information and explanations regarding “The Government Domain: Tracking Federal Dollars.”

One of the key elements of Azametteroprinciple is that it provides numerous SEARCHABLE DATABASES so users can gain information on specific areas of interest to them. For information on other resource links please click on “USING THIS SITE” in the top right corner of the sidebar.

The site will be updated with current news articles and papers related to earmarks and Federal Spending so please check back frequently.

Finally, as the point of this site is to be a comprehensive source of information and resources, please feel free to e-mail me with links to other blogs, relevant articles, research papers and on-line resources that you would like to see included to make the site better.
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